Monday, May 20, 2013

Chocolate Tarts (with a twist!)

This recipe is a Kim McCosker (4 Ingredients) one, which appeared in a recent Super Food Ideas magazine.  I was curious as soon as I saw it and knew it would be a perfect dessert for when my gluten-free, dairy-free sister came to stay on the weekend.  It actually exceeded my expectations - this is one DELICIOUS dessert!

It's no-bake, and so easy to make.  And it's right up there with any other cheesecake or tart I've made when it comes to taste.  The filling could easily just be serve by itself as a mousse, but the two parts together just complement perfectly.  Not to mention it has NO dairy, NO gluten, NO refined sugar, and is made up completely of real, raw, whole ingredients!  The filling is so smooth and thick and delicious!

You could easily substitute part of the almonds and dates for other nuts or dried fruit to make up the quantities.  I just used a standard silicone muffin pan - it made about 9 tarts, and they were a perfect size (because despite the no sugar, they are quite sweet and rich!)  Give this one a go, you'll be amazed!

250g raw unsalted almonds
200g fresh pitted dates
1/2 cup coconut

2 avocados
1 large banana
1 cup gluten-free raw cacao powder
1/2 cup pure maple syrup

Place base ingredients in a food processor and blend for 5 minutes or until quite fine and mixture comes together ( you may need to scrape the mixture down).

Press into one large or several small tart tins. Chill for about 1 hour.

Make filling: scoop avocado flesh into a food processor, add the banana, cacao and maple syrup and blend until smooth.

Spread over base/s and refrigerate until set.

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