Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Real Food for Real Families: Week 3

Firstly, I have to apologise for the lateness of this post - last week turned out to be ridiculously busy, with a sick little boy, lots to do and a marathon to train for, so this blog had to take a backseat.  But hopefully I can stay on top of things this week and finish linking all the recipes below and get you more healthy, delicious, family-friendly REAL meals!

So, without further ado, here's the next meal plan on our Real Food for Real Families Campaign.

Enjoy :-)

Monday: Red Bean & Beetroot Salad
Tuesday: Chicken and Basil Rissoles
Wednesday: Moroccan Apricot Chicken
Thursday: Chili Con Carne with Home-made wraps
Friday: Tuna & Sweet Potato Cakes
Saturday: Zesty Quinoa with Broccoli & Cashews
Sunday: Leftovers/throw-together meal/go out to dinner

Breakfast: Porridge (sweeten it naturally with fruit or honey) or Muesli
Lunch: Home-made wraps with salad and egg; leftovers
Snacks: Nuts, sultanas, rice cakes, cheese, home-made yoghurtvegie muffins (use wholemeal flour), fruit, carrot & celery sticks

In the pantry:
olive oil spray
tomato paste
chilli sauce
curry powder
red wine vinegar
dried herbs
moroccan seasoning

1kg brown onions   $2
1 red onion              $1
300g pumpkin         $1
lettuce                      $1
basil                         $2
1 sweet potato         $2
eggs                         $3
2 beetroot                 $2
broccoli                    $2
1kg capsicum           $4
cucumber                 $1
tomato                      $2
lemon                       $1

200g mince              $2
450g chicken mince $5
natural yoghurt (or make your own!)  $5
400g chicken breast $5

3 tins tomatoes         $3
2 tins kidney beans  $2
tin corn                     $1
425g tin tuna            $4
breadcrumbs             $2
sesame seeds            $2
sundried tomatoes     $3
quinoa                       $3
cashews                    $4
dried apricots            $3
tin chickpeas             $1
cous cous                  $3
brown rice                 $2
wholemeal flour        $1
chutney                     $3


1kg plums                     $3
1kg apples                     $3
1kg bananas                  $2
1kg grapes                     $3
fruit, nut & seed mix     $4
mineral water                $1
rice cakes                      $2
3L milk                         $3
1kg oats                        $1

Total:                        $100

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