Thursday, August 8, 2013

Raspberry Jam

Gorgeous detail on the jars!  The raspberry is the 2nd from the right :-)
 As I've previously shared, my resolve for this year has been to only make, and not buy, all of my jams, relishes & chutneys. It's been great fun trying new flavours, and making new things out of seasonal produce. But of course, an essential part of making preserves, is what to put them in.

I came across these delightful preserving jars at They came in a kit with both large and small jars, super cute chalkboard labels, a recipe/instruction booklet, and perhaps my favourite part - a special jar funnel. No more drips down the sides of the jars! They are on an amazing special at the moment, so if you're in the hunt for some jars, make sure you check them out :-)

So, back to my jam-making. My supply was getting a bit low over winter, as my favourite fruits to use in jams are strawberry and apricot, and neither were in season, so they were too expensive to buy. Then I came across this recipe. It's for the Thermomix, which I borrowed from my neighbour, and it was the easiest thing ever! Two ingredients, about 1 minute to prep and then walk away. It came out at a perfect consistency. I'd gotten the raspberries on special for $4, and it made 750mL of jam - great value!

If you don't have a Thermomix, I found this link, which looks easy too. It's great to know I can do delicious home-made raspberry jam any time of the year!

500g frozen raspberries
300g raw sugar

Put the raspberries and the sugar into the TM

Cook for 20 mins at 100 degrees on speed 2.

For a thicker jam - cook for a further 5 mins at varoma speed on speed 2.

Pour the jam into a clean jar and leave to cool.

Another use for the preserving jars!

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